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With the Smoothline® flush-mount wall plate system

  • Smoothline flush wall plate in bathroom Streamline Your Design
    Use the Smoothline wall-plate system for a clean finish.
  • Sample Smoothline flush wall plates Streamline Your Design
    Works great on walls finished with paint or wallpaper.
  • Three-gang Smoothline flush switch cover Streamline Your Design
    A clean finish every time.
  • Smoothline flange and final flush outlet cover Streamline Your Design
    Start with the Smoothline flange and finish with the Smoothline cover.
  • Four-gang Smoothline flush switchplate with wallpaper Streamline Your Design
    Switches and outlets can virtually disappear.
  • Flange and final cover for Smoothline flush wall plates Streamline Your Design
    Drywall installation sizes from one-gang to four-gang.
  • Smoothline flush wall plate in wood Streamline Your Design
    Wood installation sizes in one-gang and two-gang.
  • Smoothline flush wall plate with wood veneer cover Streamline Your Design
    Wood veneer cover now available in one-gang and two-gang.

What are Smoothline wall plates?

The Smoothline flush-mount wall plate system provides a cost-effective way to install outlets and switches so the cover plate is flush with the wall.

• In drywall installations, the Smoothline flange is installed during drywall finishing.

• In wood installations, the available router template is used to create a recess for the
   Smoothline flange.

The Smoothline flange creates a recess that allows the outlet or switch and the switch plate to be installed flush with the wall surface instead of protruding from the face of the wall.

Whether it's making an outlet cover virtually disappear into the wallpaper or keeping a clean line in wainscoting or baseboards by recessing the switch plate into the wood, Smoothline system helps elevate your design to the next level.

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DesignMod specializes in products that add that extra level of finish to your building and remodeling projects.
Our Smoothline® flush-mount wall plates remove the clutter and allow the brilliance of your design to shine.

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